A workflow system for managing your freelance writers

A complete system for content teams.

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Simplify your editorial process.

Topics Backlog

Think of this as your topics hub, where you add and manage all your topics in the system that is yet to be assigned to a writer.


Assignments are topics that have been assigned to writers. It gives you an overview of all assigned topics, the writers for those topics, the due date, etc.

PayPal Payouts

Receive invoices from writers and handle the payouts easily. This helps with tracking and seeing how much you spend on content.

Marketing Tasks

What do you do after publishing an article? This is where marketing tasks come in handy. We provide you with a suggested set of actions to take after publishing your article.

Documents Hub

Create and manage documents that every staff can have access to, e.g Article style-guide, etc.

Unlimited Websites

It's a breeze to manage the freelance writers for all your websites. You can add unlimited blogs or online magazines.